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Grace Newton | San Antonio, Tx.

Radiant Roofing saved the day for us. We received some major hail damage to our home in the Spring, right before we were going to put the house on the market for sale. Everyone in our neighborhood received the same damage and were having repairs done as well.  We had no idea who to use since we had never had to replace a roof before.  Our neighbor used Radiant Roofing for their home and it turned out beautiful, so we asked (since we trust their opinion) if they would recommend Radiant.  They raved about the service, quality, and professionalism of Radiant. They also explained that the process was easy. Radiant worked with their insurance company, handled all the paperwork and actually completed their work in one day. We were worried about the timeline because almost every home in our neighborhood was being worked on and we needed to get our house on the market.  We needed the work to be done soon, but at the same time, we wanted quality work. We wanted something we would be proud to sell — a quality roof with a warranty that we could transfer to the new owners of our home. We called Radiant and Jeff came out that day. He explained the process to us and assured us that the warranty would transfer to the new owners.  We set a date for the work to be done and his crew showed up on time and completed the work in a day and half.  For that day and a half, things were a mess as shingles and debris were furiously being tossed off the roof.  I was a little worried about what the yard might look like when they were done, but to my surpise, everything looked great!  The crew cleaned up so well, you couldn’t even tell that anyone had even been there.  One of the things that impressed me the most, was their attention to the little things.  As they were cleaning up, I noticed this one worker pushing some device around our property.I watched him as he went up and down the driveway several times, through the yard, around the house, on the patio, through the landscaping, etc. Then, he did it all again.  I was curious so I went out and asked what he was doing.  “I’m looking for nails,” he replied.  Wow!  This magnetic thing he was pushing around was picking up any stray nails that could either puncture tires, go through someone’s foot, or hurt our dogs.  I was very impressed. So, to sum it all up, our experience with Radiant Roofing was excellent.  Our new roof looked beautiful, all paperwork was processed in a timely fashion, and we got a warranty that would transfer to the new owners of our home.  Our house sold quickly. We would highly recommend Radiant Roofing to anyone needing roof repair.

Scott Turner | Carrollton, Tx.

Crew was on site on time, worked efficiently, and removed all debris. Contractor coordinated with sub-contractors to ensure timely arrival and completion of contracted work. All work was done to our satisfaction. They knew what they were doing, were extremely competent, eager to please, and prompt in answering our questions.

Alan Kyle | Customer.

A Top Quality job and a great looking roof ! The process was very easy; Radiant explained the steps and handled EVERYTHING end to end. Great guys to work with; very professional and dependable!

Gabrial Colon | Customer.

We had some miscommunication at first but once the owner Jeff gave me a call and we talked it was all good. The quality of work and the look of the roof is awesome!! They did my roof in one day when most told me it would take three days! Will be using them again!!