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The Fort Worth area has been experiencing some intense heat these past few weeks. And recently we’ve been trying to find effective solutions to stay cool in our homes. Although you could just increase your AC usage to combat the heat, this also increases the energy bill. Instead, you’ll want to find some more cost-effective ways to cool your home, such as creative shading. Not only does shading help protect you and your home from direct sunlight and heat – it can also help cut down on the utility bill.

The experts at Radiant Roofing have detailed 3 ways to shade your home for the summer.

1. Cover Windows with Drapes and Awnings

If your windows are bringing too much sunlight into your home, even with the blinds closed, you may benefit from adding drapes/curtains. Placing drapes on windows, especially those that receive the most sunlight, can help cut down on heat immensely. We recommend using medium-colored draperies such as dark blue or brown with plastic backings to cover your windows, as they can reduce heat gain from sunlight by about a third.

Coupled with drapes, you’ll want to consider placing awnings on each of your windows. Awnings can act as a “roof” for windows, and they can protect them from sunlight through exterior shading.

2. Plant a Tree

If you’re planning on shading your home, why not do it naturally? Using a tree for shade can offer a low-cost solution for beating the heat. However, in order to properly use a tree for shade, you’ll want to follow a few tips for planting and maintenance.

  • Find the trees that are native to your region. In Fort Worth for example, our native trees are different variations of oaks, elms, and maples. Native trees generally require less maintenance and can have a much longer lifespan.
  • Know whether you want a fast-growing or moderate-growing tree. Fast-growing has a shorter lifespan and is usually less durable. Moderate-growing has a longer lifespan and more durable wood, which is especially useful during a storm.
  • Research the maintenance you must do for that specific tree species. You want to be sure you’re capable of handling any required duties.

Not only does planting a tree create some formidable shade to your home and yard – it also makes a positive impact on the environment. Trees can reduce net carbon emissions as well as create cleaner oxygen for you to breathe.

3. Install Some Patio Umbrellas

You don’t want the summer heat to ruin the experience of sitting on your patio and relaxing. To reclaim what’s yours, we recommend installing some patio umbrellas in each table. Patio umbrellas use protective material to provide suitable shade against sunlight. You can purchase them at almost any department store. But be sure to research the various sizes and colors, and whether you will need a stand.

Fight back the heat by following these ways to shade your home from the summer. If you would like to further shade your home by properly maintaining your roof, contact Radiant Roofing to have Fort Worth’s leading professionals offer you a FREE roof inspection. Contact us at 1-855-972-ROOF to get started!